730 Days

Two years ago, Micah and I loaded up a Uhaul, drove an hour and a half, and moved into a simple brick duplex in northeast Lancaster city. We experienced a kaleidoscope of emotions as we moved, found a new grocery store, learned what days we needed to move our cars for street cleaning, and began … Continue reading 730 Days

I’m Giving Myself a Gift for Mother’s Day

Last Mother’s Day, I was living in the tension of having lost a baby and being a few weeks pregnant, full of anxiety about losing the baby that was growing inside of me. That baby continued to grow, and I too continued to grow in the months that followed. Lucas James Brickner was born on … Continue reading I’m Giving Myself a Gift for Mother’s Day

We Need a Village

As my family and I continue to start a new church in Lancaster city, I am sometimes invited to preach at other churches. On Sunday after a smooth and warming cup of coffee, sweet morning smiles from a happy Lucas, and encouraging words from Micah, we piled into our car and traveled to the church … Continue reading We Need a Village

When Mother’s Day is Hard

This past Thanksgiving, when Micah and I were asked by our families what we were thankful for, we proclaimed with cheer and gratitude that we were grateful for the baby growing inside me for the past ten weeks. We had already shared our news with family and our closest friends and we were excited that next Thanksgiving we would have a little one joining us around the table. Micah and I were thrilled to become parents and to grow our family in the new life we were forming in Lancaster.

When a Squirrel Made Me Cry

Before my junior year of college I interned with a church in Philadelphia. I lived in an intentional peace community in West Philly and on my second day of living in the house, I saw a squirrel fall through the bathroom ceiling. The tyrant was loose in the house for two days until we found its hiding place, someone caught it, and set it free outside. I was beyond terrified and for the past 6.5 years I have tried to steer clear of squirrels.